Bruce Hainley and Antony Hudek in Conversation, with Screening of Michel Auder's A Coupla White Faggots Sitting Around Talking (1980)
Thursday 18 June, 6.30pm


Co-curators of the exhibition, Hainley and Hudek sketch a map of Larry Johnson’s Los Angeles by way of gay politics, queer patois and the city’s difference from the New York bohemia captured in Michel Auder’s rarely screened film.




Bruce Hainley lives and works in Los Angeles. His most recent book is Under the Sign of [sic]: Sturtevant’s Volte-Face (2014).


Antony Hudek is Deputy Director and Curator of Raven Row. 


Image: Still from A Coupla White Faggots Sitting Around Talking (1980). Courtesy of Michel Auder.