Nightcleaners and 36' to '77

1 January 2017 to 1 January 2018



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Nightcleaners (1975) by the Berwick Street Film Collective has long been recognised as a landmark of British experimental film and political cinema. To mark the first digital release of Nightcleaners and its companion film ’36 to ’77 (1978) by Raven Row and LUX, a special publication has been produced.


Nightcleaners and ’36 to ’77

Raven Row, LUX and Koenig Books, London


The publication is a box containing two books and two discs (DVD or Blu-ray).


Book 1 includes commissioned essays by Kodwo Eshun, Dan Kidner, Sheila Rowbotham, Sukhdev Sandhu, and Humphry Trevelyan, plus a new interview with Mary Kelly, excerpts of interviews with Marc Karlin and from James Scott's Nightcleaners production diary (1972).


Book 2 contains facsimiles, including an issue of Shrew (1971), the publication of the Women’s Liberation Workshop (this issue designed by Mary Kelly and dedicated to the cleaners’ struggle); excerpts from Red Rag (1973) and Spare Rib (1975); newsletters of the Cleaners Actions Group (1971); and a 1977 transcript of Nightcleaners.


Edited by Dan Kidner and Alex Sainsbury

Designed by John Morgan studio





Nightcleaners and 36 to 77




Image: Nightcleaners (1975), still